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Accelerator Operations Orientation

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Program Deputy

The overall accelerator running schedule is controlled on a shift-by-shift basis by the Program Deputy (PD). During his/her two-week period of service, the PD is responsible for the accelerator program for all shifts. The day-by-day long-term schedule for running is developed well in advance by the Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling Committee (a copy of this schedule is posted on the web at There is also a detailed memo from the scheduling committee that explains many considerations for upcoming running (this is very useful information).

Through meetings with the experimenters, program updates, and shift plans, the PD further refines the long-term accelerator schedule, developing it into a shift-by-shift plan of coordinated activity. The following meetings are a critical part of coordinating the accelerator schedule.

The PD integrates the information obtained at these meetings into a detailed running schedule and passes it on to the Accelerator Operators via PD Shift Plans ( At the beginning of their shift, the Operations crew reads the eight-hour shift plan, which provides detailed instructions for operations during the shift. Any changes to the PD Shift Plan (with the exception of necessary, unanticipated accesses) must be approved by the Program Deputy. The PD cell phone number is: 757-876-7997.