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Accelerator Operations Orientation

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    Help Get More Beam Time

    1. Provide someone to act as a guard when your hall is being locked up.
    2. Provide a qualified ARM (Assigned Radiation Monitor) for radiation surveys.
    3. Allow the operators at least 5 minutes before calling after the beam trips off. they are busy trying to identify and correct the problem.
    4. Inform the Program Deputy in advance of all scheduled activities for the upcoming shifts. This allows the operators to prepare, and not waste valuable beam time.
    5. Notify the control room of any configuration changes that may alter the beam orbit (i.e. changing the state of magnets, radiators, rasters, target cells)
    6. Try not to schedule activities during the operator "passdown" periods. These periods occur for about 15 minutes at 0000, 0800, and 1600.
    7. Try not to schedule activities during System Checks. System Checks usually occur at 1630 every evening.

    Things You Should Know

    1. It takes about 15 minutes to restore beam to the hall after a Controlled Access.
    2. ABU (Available Beam in Use): The number of hours you use the beam for any part of your scheduled program during the shift. This includes energy measurements, Moeller runs, current calibrations, etc.
      • Owl Shift: 2300-0700
      • Day Shift: 0700-1500
      • Swing Shift: 1500-2300
    3. Hall B: The nA BPM position data is unreliable below 1nA.

    More information can be found on the web at or, come to the Ops Orientation class. E-mail with any questions.

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