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Ventilation Hoods - EEL (Bldg 90)

A little explanation is needed to clarify this table. The face velocity is a measurement at which the hood sash should be lowered or raised in accordance to JLAB's policy. The standard at JLAB is 100 fpm, thus the height of the hood sash in inches should represent the measurement at this value. So, if the face velocity for any given hood at 100fpm is 12.45, the hood sash should only be 12.45 inches from the bottom of the hood opening.

Bldg/Room Description Face Velocity fpm/inches

90/Machine Shop Welding Exhaust Duct 190 fpm at 5 inches
90/126 Chemical Fume Hood 80fpm: 23 100fpm: 18 120fpm: 15

*Red number indicates JLAB Standards