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Accelerator Seminars

Accelerator Seminar Committee:
  Co-Chairs:  Anne-Marie Valente and Alex Bogacz

    Members: Carlos Hernandez- Garcia, Joe Grames and
Gwyn Williams

 Accelerator Seminars will be scheduled weekly on Thursday's from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
If you would like to schedule a seminar, please contact Anne-Marie Valente or Alex Bogacz for approval.

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12/20/11 Status of the Compact ERL and Future ERL Plan at KEK   Slides Shogo Sakanaka
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
12/8/11 The Fast Multipole Method in the Different Algebra Framework for Space Charge Field Calculation   He Zhang
12/1/11 Highlights of the 2011 Energy Recovery Linac Workshop   Slides Steve Benson and Kevin Jordan
Jefferson Lab
11/17/11 Accelerator Production of the Medical Isotope 99mTc   William T. Diamond
11/10/11 Recent Topics in Optical Monitor Development in the KEK   Toshiyuki Misuhashi
10/27/11 Pre-Existing Betatron Motion and Spin Flipping with RF Fields in Storage Rings   Slides Desmond Barber
DESY Laboratory
10/13/11 International Linear Collider (ILC), Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) Acceleration, and ILC High-Gradient SRF Cavity R&D at Jefferson Lab   Rong-Li Geng
Jefferson Lab
10/6/11 The European Spallation Source and the Challenge of Designing Its Cryomodules   Wolfgang Hees
European Spallation Source
9/26/11 Flux Pinning Mechanism and RF Properties of Ingot Niobium Used in SRF Cavity Fabrication   Slides Pashupati Dhakal
Jefferson Lab
9/23/11 An Overview of My Recent Studies   Slides Shahid Ahmed
Jefferson Lab
9/22/11 Development and Testing of Novel Superconducting RF Materials   Jiquan Guo
9/19/11 Study in the High Average Current, High-Brightness Electron Sources:  Diamond Amplified Photo-Cathode and Multiple Cathode System   Slides Xiangyun Chang
Brookhaven National Lab
9/16/12 (I)High Q Photonic Bandgap Cavity:  Modeling and Characterization; (II)Beam Studies for the HINS Proton Ion Source at Fermilab   Wai Ming Tam
Indiana University, FermiLab
8/31/11 Photoproduction of the (1020) Meson in Neutral Decay Mode   Heghine Seraydaryan
Jefferson Lab
8/24/11 Beware the Lepton Sign Change:  CW Positron Beam at JLab   Serkan Golge
Jefferson Lab
6/20/11 The Mainz Energy Recovering Superconducting Accelerator (MESA) - A Versatile Experimental Arrangement Based on a Compact Accelerator   Slides Kurt Aulenbacher
Mainz University
6/16/11 Nonlineary Properties of MgB2 Under Localized High RF Magnetic Field   Tamin Tai
University of Maryland
6/16/11 Review of New Accelerator Projects for the Future of High Energy Physics   Jean-Pierre Delahaye
CERN Laboratory
5/27/11 Update on R&D Activities at Fermi  Slides Alexander Romanenko
Fermi National Lab
5/26/11 Muon Spin Rotation/Relaxation Studies of Nb for SRF Applications Slides Anna Grasselino
TRIUMF Laboratory
5/19/11 Laser-Compton Scattering Experiments from Intermediate Energy Electron Beams Slides Khalid Chouffani
Idaho Accelerator Center
5/12/11 Compton Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation Slides Geoffrey Krafft
Jefferson Lab
5/10/11 Real Beam Optics from a "Synthetic" Beam Slides Ryan Bodenstein
University of Virginia
5/9/11 Nucleon Tomography:  Status and Prospects   Slides Francois-Xavier Girod
Jefferson Lab
5/6/11 Design of an Ultimate Storage Ring for Future Light Source Slides Yichao Jing
Indiana University
4/27/11 NSLS-II Lattice Development:  Reduced Horizontal Beta Function in Long Straights Slides Fanglei Lin
Brookhaven National Lab
4/26/11 Orbits in Superconducting RF Cavities:  A Challenge for Established Physics, II Slides David Fryberger
4/21/11 Differential Algebraic Methods for Space Charge Modeling and Applications to the University of Maryland Electron Ring Slides Edward Nissen
Northern Illinois University
4/21/11 Centrifugal Barrel Polishing of Superconducting RF Cavities at Fermilab Slides Charlie A. Cooper
Fermilab National Lab
4/14/11 CSC:  A Concatenation Strategy Based on Scattering-Parameters   Carsten Portratz
University of Rostock
4/7/11 Insertion Devices at the Argonne Advanced Photon Source, and Some Elsewhere   Elizabeth Moog
Argonne National Lab


Free-Electron Laser Theory for Coherent Electron Cooling   Stephen Webb
Stony Brook University
4/6/11 Update of the SRF Work at Argonne:  From Atomic Layer Deposition to Fundamental Dissipation Mechanism Slides Thomas Proslier
Argonne National Lab
3/10/11 Linear Optics Correction and Electron Cloud Effect in the SNS Ring   Zhengzheng Liu
Indiana University & Oak Ridge National Lab
2/24/11 Recent Results of the ILC Cavities and the Proto-Type 2-Cell Injector Cavity for cERL at KEK   Ken Watanabe
KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2/3/11 Compact ERL Project in Japan and Its SRF Activity   Kensei Umemori
KEK High Energy Accelerator Research Organization