With the gold compare screen up, the FSD OVERVIEW screen and the MASS
RESET button in the background, we can go to step one.

From the GOLD MASK COMPARE screen

1. Click on Clear/Zero All Setpoint Masks.
Observe that all FSD nodes have faulted, if any of the FSD nodes have
not faulted, repeat step one (fig.1). If any of the nodes still have not
faulted call MPS on-call.

2. Click on FSD MASS RESET (fig.2). If any nodes clear call MPS on- call.

3. Observe the gold compare screen. All nodes should be green in the left-
hand (set mask) column and yellow in the right hand column (fig.3). If at
any time during this test procedure a red box is highlighted in the set mask
column call MPS support.

4. Click on ZERO ALL GOLD MASKS. The gold mask column should
turn green(fig.4), if not call MPS support.


6. Observe on the FSD OVERVIEW screen that the destination has
changed to INJECTOR.

7. Observe on the GOLD COMPARE SCREEN that the set mask column
is green and the gold mask column is yellow.

8. Click on LOAD ALL GOLD MASKS/INJECTOR. Observe that both
columns are green.

9. Repeat procedure 5 thru 8 for all other destinations and gold masks.
FSD Hot Checkout

This procedure will allow the operations crew to perform a hot checkout of the FSD system. It will test the
read/write/compare functions of the FSD software, fault detection as well as the handshaking between the
IOC and CAMAC serial highway controllers. It does not test individual FSD inputs.
Set Up
The machine can be in any mode but cannot be actively running beam or have any
IOC reboots in progress. All FSD nodes should be clear.
From MEDM go to the MONTICELLO screen.
1. Click on FSD.
3. Click on FSD MASK RESET.
Test Procedure
1. Close the GOLD MASK COMPARE screen.

2. Close the FSD MASS RESET.

3. Set up the masks for normal ops.

4. Close the FSD OVERVIEW screen.
fig. 1
fig. 2
fig. 3
fig. 4
Back Out Procedure