Vertical Test Area

Composite bird's-eye view of the six dewars in the VTA.

Dewar #8                                                                Dewar #7

VTA Control Panel located in the Control Room    Closer view of the Radiation Control Panel

Dewar #5

Topview of Dewar #8 (open)

This is the equipment rack located between the dewars.   It houses a 1497 MHz and an 805 MHz amplifiers.

RF Switch panel located on front door of each dewar.

Inside the RF Switch panel.

Status display on top of each RF Switch panel.

VTA/PSS Control Panel in the Control Room

Magenta Beacon located on each dewar.                Horn and Magenta Strobe located at entrance.
This beacon only signifies a dewar is in use.           These will alarm in case of a leak or an open dewar
                                                                               door during operation.

Rear of VTA/PSS Control Panel.                    Initial test of VTA/PSS logic.
Accesses PLCs and wiring.