Facilities Data Transmittals

DT # Description Date Recipient
P588 Surface survey of as-found bolt locations 3/29/00 Winslow
P593 As found transfer line piers 4/12/00 Winslow
P1452 CHL Upper/Lower CBOX 05/09/2012 Kelly Dixon
P1447 Elevation checks rails in test lab 12gev additon 04/23/2012 J.Hogan, D. Fazenbaker, J. Fischer
P1221 location of new gas line 02/16/2009 E. Winslow
P1131 Survey monument tie to accelerator 10/10/2007 R. Yasky; K. Royston; E. Winslow
P1086 Storage Shed Elevations 11/16/2006 D. Brand
P1078 Drainage as founds - Bldg 86,87,89 10/05/2006 S. Chandra
P1073 Hall C road profile. 08/22/2006 S. Chandra