FEL Data Transmittals

DT # Description Date Recipient
F1983 Final position of Isotope components 09/29/2020 J. Gubelli, S. Benson
F1993 ISO Line Target Components Align 01/07/2021 Kevin Jordan, Joe Gubelli, Steve Benson
F1964 LERF GTS NEW INJECTOR GUN results- January 20201964 01/16/2020 R. Suleiman
F1942 Flatness checks of the LCLSII test facility cryo can and bellows 10/11/2019 M. Marchlik
F1936 Location of MDQ2F_90 DIPOLE in ISO Line 08/16/2019 J. Gubeli, S. Benson
F1934 Locatoin of the LERF ISO target components1934 07/25/2019 J. Gubeli
F1933 LERF GTS NEW INJECTOR GUN final results 07/24/2019 R. Suleiman
F1933 LERF GTS NEW INJECTOR GUN final results 07/24/2019 R. Suleiman
F1919 Location of MQX1X01 04/29/2019 J. Gubeli
F1907 LERF GTS final results 02/13/2019 R. Suleiman
F1885 GV0F06B GV2F00 CA1F02 as found checks 09/18/2018 J. Gubeli
F1836 Cryo flanges in FEL for LCLS2 cryo module install 12/08/2017 J.Gubelli
F1816 Locations of the FL02,03 and 04 waveguides near the penetrations 09/15/2017 J. Gubeli
F1784 GTS final results April 17 04/17/2017 R. Suleiman, C. Garcia
F1783 GTS final results 03/31/2017 R. Suleiman, C. Garcia
F1752 Dark Light Target Inspection Post Run 11/17/2016 S. Benson
F1728 Darklight components 08/31/2016 S. Benson, D. Douglas
F1726 3F07 BPM 08/17/2016 P. Francis, M. Joyce
F1704 ELIC GTS Alignment 03/10/2016 C. Hernandez-Garcia, M. Poelker
F1484 Location of 3 quads 1F region 11/08/2012 Dave Douglas
F1480 topo points near injector pressure tank 09/18/2012 B. Dillon-Townes, K. Harding
F1408 2011 UV Wiggler pad / toolingball height values 09/27/2011 Steve Benson, Wes Moore
F1195 Locate flanges on FELAES cryomodule. 11/06/2008 J. fischer, J. Hogan
F1172 FEL TMC and ceiling elevations 07/21/2008 J. Gubeli
F1144 Fel Gun Fiducialization / location 11/20/2007 S. Benson, C. Hernandez-Garcia, G. Neil, R. Walker
F1088 LIPPS experiment alignment 12/01/2006 G. Biallas
F1058 Elevation survey of QX4F04-12 05/19/2006 S. Benson
F1024 Permanent wiggler and quad survey 11/21/2005 S. Benson
F1023 Sextupole #07 QC measurements 11/16/2005 G. Biallas, D. Douglas
F1022 Sextupole #11 QC measurements 11/16/2005 G. Biallas, D. Douglas
F1021 SF magnets in the 5F region, QJ0L03 survey 11/11/2005 D. Douglas, G. Biallas
F1020 SF magnets in the 2F region 11/07/2005 D. Douglas
F1019 SF (SG?) magnets in the 5F region. 11/03/2005 D. Douglas
F1016 Wiggler chamber alignment 10/25/2005 S. Benson
F1006 HV test system alignment 07/26/2005 T. Siggins
F1003 0F04 viewer survey 06/30/2005 G. Biallas, S. Benson, K. Jordan
F1001 UV Wiggler Pit elevations 06/28/2005 G. Biallas
F1000 QX2F01-02 and GW flanges 06/24/2005 G. Biallas, D. Douglas
F993 HV test system alignment 05/03/2005 T. Siggins
F984 HV test system alignment 03/21/2005 T. Siggins
F974 Inspection of Cornell wiggler 01/21/2005 G. Biallas, S. Benson, B. Dillon-Townes
F959 Alignment in 4F region chicane/wiggler 10/22/2004 D. Douglas
F933 Insection of wiggler chamber 06/10/2004 T. Whitlatch
F917 Cryo line bayonet locations 02/13/2004 K. Dixon
F906 HV Test system alignment 10/28/2003 T. Siggins
F882 Upper level laser pipe survey. 07/31/2003 D. Waldman
F868 OC and HR Optic Can  mirror position after "final" 2B 06/06/2003 Michelle Shinn
F865 Fel 2nd arc chamber datum point offset 05/16/2003 David Waldman
F864 Location of laser alignment  irises. 05/08/2003 Michelle Shinn
F840 DY3F03 Vacuum chamber survey (in GY2F08 pos) 01/23/2003 Dave Waldman
F837 OC and HR Optic Can rail final position after updated control 01/15/2003 Michelle Shinn
F801 Cryo CA0F01 locations 08/07/2002 Butch Dillon-Townes; Mike Bevens; Norm Vaughan
F800 Cryo 54 (CR1F04) locations 08/07/2002 Butch Dillon-Townes; Mike Bevens
F783 Multi slit viewer Flange  upstream of cryomodule #1 06/05/2002 David Waldman
F782 Elevation survey of Drive laser  locations 06/04/2002 Steve Benson
F762 FEL buncher location. 04/29/2002 T.Siggins, C. Murry
F721 Injector Flange between Inj Can and HPS Tank 12/13/2001 David Waldman
F719 HV test system alignment survey 19Nov2001 11/19/2001 Siggins
F718 QX prototype inspection 11/09/2001 Robin Wines
F673 HV test system alignment survey 31Oct2000 6/7/01 Siggins
F651 FEL Injector wall locations 1/29/01 Jacki Smith
F639 HV test system alignment survey 31Oct2000 11/1/00 Siggins
F611 FEL Crystal alignment 6/16/00 Jim Boyce
F598 QX Prototype Poleface Report 5/4/00 Karn
F555 Crystal Detector Assembly 9/21/99 Boyce