Accelerator Seminar: Anna Shabalina

  • Accelerator Seminar: Anna Shabalina
    2022-07-21EDT11:00:00 ~ 2022-07-21EDT12:00:00
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Title: Strong female lead: PIP-II HB650 cavity efforts at STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Abstract: The Proton Improvement Plan II aims to build and commission a linear accelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory that will generate a high-energy beam of protons for use in neutrino discovery research. As part of the project, the UK PIP-II team will deliver three High Beta 650 cryomodules, each containing six 5-cell SRF niobium cavities. This talk will focus on the HB650 cavity scope at Daresbury Laboratory with a brief overview of the STFC contribution to PIP-II. It will highlight ongoing and planned activities and encountered challenges. This includes a 100% remote supplier management, specifications development strategy, and, of course, the unprecedented global niobium surface quality problem. The technical overview will be enhanced by a woman’s perspective and experience in a new work environment.

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Kevin Jordan
(757) 269-7100