Accelerator Seminar: Lucia Lain Amador

  • Accelerator Seminar: Lucia Lain Amador
    2021-06-10EDT11:00:00 ~ 2021-06-10EDT12:00:00
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Electrodeposition of copper applied to the manufacture of seamless SRF cavities and other accelerator components

Abstract: Copper electroforming around a skeletal sacrificial mandrel is a promising additive manufacturing technique to produce vacuum chambers of very complex shape. For this purpose, two different electroforming procedures using either direct or pulsed plating have been investigated, both leading to a high-quality material exhibiting similar mechanical robustness, cryogenic properties and purity as the oxygen-free copper. The application of this technique towards the development of superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) elliptical cavity substrates is presented. In the standard manufacturing techniques, several electron-beam welding steps are needed in order to join the half-cells and the cut-offs together. The weld lines can carry geometrical defects and induce porosities, which can in turn act as nucleation sites for defects in the subsequently grown Nb layer. In our process, no welding joints are necessary and also the flanges can be directly integrated in the electroforming step. This talk will cover the steps considered towards the successful fabrication of the first 1.3 GHz electroformed cavity. Moreover, a second application of this technique to produce thin-walled vacuum chambers for undulators is also presented.

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Gianluigi Ciovati
(757) 269-6330