Accelerator Seminar: Yang Zhou

Conference Date
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TL 1227

Speaker: Yang Zhou, Michigan State University

Title: Photoemission from biased metal surfaces: quantum efficiency, laser heating, dielectric coatings, and quantum pathways interference

Abstract: Electron emission from metal surfaces due to the illumination of laser fields is of great interest due to its broad applications ranging from electron sources to quantum information processing to attosecond physics. It also offers fundamental insights into electron dynamics and electronic band structures of materials. This presentation analytically studies the effects of laser (wavelength or frequency, and field strength), accompanying laser heating, and cathode surface conditions (with or without dielectric coatings) on photoemission from biased metal surfaces, and the coherent modulation of photoemission by two-color lasers, by exactly solving one-dimensional (1D) time-dependent Schrödinger equation. This study provides better understanding of photoemission dynamics, laser heating effects on photoemission, and two-color laser coherent control of photoemission with a dc bias, and it is useful for the design of more stable and efficient emitters.