Accelerator Seminars

The Accelerator seminar committee hosts a series of speakers throughout the year on general accelerator physics related topics. Attendance is open lab-wide, and suggestions for future speakers are welcome.

Accelerator Seminars are scheduled weekly on Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. If you would like to schedule or suggest a seminar topic, please contact the committee for approval.

Seminar presentations can be viewed at JTube:



Dr. Valery Shemelin

Cornell University

Alex Fomin


Nicholas Sereno

Argonne National Laboratory

09/14/2023    11am   CC F326-327/Zoom 09/21/2023     11an     TL1227/Zoom 10/19/2023    11am   CC F326-327/Zoom
Optimization of Superconducting Cavities: Shape, Fields, Multipactor

Lattice Design and Beam Dynamics Studies for PERLE

Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB) System Design and R&D for the APS Upgrade (APS-U)


Dr. Dali Georgobiani


Taekyung Ki


Andrew Hutton

Jefferson Lab

07/06/2023     11am    TL 1227/Zoom 07/06/2023     11am    TL 1227/Zoom 06/29/2023     11am    TL 1227/Zoom
Radiation environment studies: from FRIB to FNAL Introduction and SCL3 Cryogenic Commissioning (First Run) of Cryogenic Systems for RAON Accelerator Energy-Efficient Accelerators with a Focus on Energy-Recovery Linacs


The archive of previous presentations can be found here (login required).


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