The TJNAF Accelerator Engineering Systems Department provides support for a wide variety of particle accelerator initiatives in support of the main CEBAF accelerator and experimental halls as well as other site operations such as the LERF, UITF, and GTS.  EES also supports several external DOE initiatives including the EIC, LCLSII, LCLSII-HE, PIP-II and more.  The department develops and supports RF Power systems, Low Level RF controls, DC Power systems, Safety systems, and Instrumentation and Controls.  

The department works together with our customers to provide customized solutions to the complex challenges associated with accelerator sciences and supports the entire lifecycle for our systems from design, fabrication, and testing to installation, acceptance, and support. AES offers broad expertise in RF, digital, analog, diagnostic, PLC, and power supply design. We provide EECAD design for schematics and board layouts, and our fabrication group has development capabilities for electronic systems, circuit boards, and chassis.  


Electrical Engineering Team:

  • Curt Hovater, Dept. Head - Accelerator Engineering Systems, 55/2533, (757) 269-7685, hovater@jlab.org

  • Omar Garza, AES Deputy - Accelerator Reliability, 55/2500-32, (757) 269-7257, garza@jlab.org

AES DC Power Systems Team:

AES DC Power Systems Team: