Cryogenics Plant

The Cryogenics Group at Jefferson Lab is a premier source of cryogenic engineering and design for large helium refrigerators. It fills the void for commercially available services in the design and build of large-scale cryogenic systems. Jefferson Lab’s cryogenics group is the go-to resource when there is a need for large helium refrigerator systems (i.e., cryogenics plants capable of handling heat loads greater than 2 kiloWatts at 4 Kelvin (4 degrees above absolute zero) or the equivalent). The LCLS-II cryogenics plants are each capable of dissipating 4 kiloWatts at 2 Kelvin. After installation at SLAC, both plants will function together, and this system will be the largest of its kind.

The LCLS-II cryogenics plants will apply patented technologies, such as cryogenic cycles developed by Jefferson Lab staff that increase plant efficiencies by up to 30% relative to what is available from industry. Efficiency gains are mainly associated with mechanical system improvements in the warm compressors. These improvements significantly extend availability and decrease power requirements. Further, Jefferson Lab’s extensive operational experience has motivated controls technologies and techniques that minimize staffing requirements for effective plant operations.

Jefferson Lab is solely responsible for all of the cryogenics plant procurements associated with the LCLS-II project. Awards for the complex, long-lead subassemblies have been completed. Getting started on these long-lead procurements mitigates schedule risk that is associated with the fabrication of such complex equipment.

Cryoplant Layout

Cryoplant Buildings

Cryoplant Layout

Major Equipment for Cryoplant

2K Cold Box with
Cold CompressorsCP2-2.jpg

Helium Gas Storage Vessels

Warm Helium Compressors

Oil Removal Vessels and
Oil CoalescersCP5-2.jpg

Helium Transfer Lines