Accelerator Operations

The Jefferson Lab Accelerator Operations group is responsible for delivering high-quality electron beams to the four experimental halls for experimental physics studies in the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), as well as operations and maintenance of the Low Energy Recirculator Facility (LERF).

In the Machine Control Center, operators, physicists, and engineers work 24 hours a day to maintain and improve the systems necessary for CEBAF beam operations. Crews operate CEBAF remotely via a sophisticated computer system that simultaneously monitors hundreds of thousands of signals and controls thousands of components. The complex cryogenic, microwave and magnet systems that make up the accelerator require constant attention and quick, knowledgeable response to provide and maintain the highest quality beams for scheduled nuclear and accelerator physics experiments.

Operations Orientation Program

     Eduard Pozdeyev
Director of Accelerator Operations
     pozdeyev@jlab.org, 757-269-5770

     Randy Michaud
     Deputy Director of Accelerator Operations
     rmichaud@jlab.org, 757-269-7416




The people who make the beam go zap.