Screens and Logs

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Each hall has a customized MEDM information screen that shows general accelerator operating parameters and appropriate hall-specific parameters. These screens are designed to the individual hall's specifications, information can be added by contacting the Operation's Staff. This screen should be displayed on a terminal in the hall control room whenever beam delivery is in progress.

General Accelerator Parameters
The accelerator parameters that are generally useful to the halls include the following:

  • The names of the on-duty Crew Chief and operators
  • The current PSS status of each hall
  • The energies and currents that all halls are receiving
  • An FSD trip indicator that turns RED when the beam has tripped off (it coincides with an alarm that is received in the MCC Control Room).

Hall A-Specific Parameters
Parameters that are specific to Hall A are as follows:

  • Beam position on target
  • Fast raster settings
  • Fast feedback status
  • Ion chamber readings and mask status
  • Compton chicane BPMs. If beam is being run through a BPM, the presence of beam (i.e., beam position) is indicated by a blue bar.
  • Moller target position

Hall B-Specific Parameters
Parameters that are specific to Hall B are as follows:

  • Upstream and downstream PMT counts
  • 1 nA BPM data, including X and Y positions (in mm) and intensity (in nA)
  • Tagger dump PMTs

Hall C-Specific Parameters
Parameters that are specific to Hall C are as follows:

  • Beam position on target
  • Fast and slow raster settings
  • Ion chamber readbacks

MCC Electronic Log Book

The MCC Control Room Electronic Logbook (ELOG) can be accessed via the web at Each hall also has its own logbook; however, only the Hall B and Hall C logbooks are accessible to the MCC operators. It is helpful to the operators if when you post important information (test results, etc.) to your individual logbook, you also post that same information to the MCC Control Room electronic logbook as well as to the individual hall logbook.