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Title Description Source
Long Term Accel. Schedule A day-by-day long-term schedule of accelerator running developed by the Nuclear Physics Experiment Scheduling Committee.
Long Term Accel. Scheduling Memo A detailed memo from the scheduling committee that explains many considerations for upcoming running.
Short Term Accel. Schedule ("whiteboard") A web-accessible version of the short term (shift-by-shift) schedule posted on the MCC conference room whiteboard. Updated daily.
Program Deputy (PD) Shift Plans The PD's shift-by-shift instructions for running the accelerator. Provided to the MCC crew for each shift.
Elog The MCC Operations official electronic logbook (includes a web interface to make an entry). Also includes links to lots of other useful stuff.
8 a.m. Meeting Notes ("Benesch Report") A subscribeable email summary of the daily 8 a.m. meeting held in the MCC conference room. Summarizes machine operations in an occasionally irreverent fashion. Also available as a web-accessible archive (which also includes subscription instructions). Email Group: machine-ops

Web Archive:

Weekly Performance Summaries A web-accessible version of the information that is presented at the Weekly Accel. Scheduling Meeting (Wednesdays at 1330 in the MCC conference room). Includes PD Weekly Summary, Lost Time Report, and Tune Time Report.
Machine Status An eight hour snapshot of beam activity in the accelerator.
MCC Operations Documentation An index of operating procedures and other information used in the MCC to perform specific tasks.
Accelerator Operations Directives (AOD) A comprehensive directive that describes and governs how MCC Operations "does business."
CEBAF-Specific Acronym List An informal list of common acronyms used at JLab and what they stand for (BOOM, SWIS, BLM, etc.).
Operational Restrictions A list of restrictions on parameters such as current, power, and energy. Also refers to personnel able to change these limits.


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