Collaborative Developments

Project specific collaborative developments
We are collaborating with others developing plans for a variety of future accelerator projects.

  • RIA
  • Cornell ERL
    JLab staff are collaborating with colleagues at CornellUniversity in the design and proposal of a 6 GeV Energy Recovering Linac (ERL) based on a superconducting linac and a one-turn return arc (like a storage ring).
  • 100 kW FEL
  • ILC
  • 1 A CM
  • Muon collider
  • Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino experiment (KATRIN)
    JLab staff are collaborating on technology of extreme high vacuum systems .

Topic specific collaborative developments
We are collaborating with those seeking to better understand the fundamentals of our superconducting materials and opportunities to improve performance.

  • Hydrogen in Nb
  • Surface preparation techniques
  • Niobium surface preparation techniques
    • EP
    • BEP
    • HPR
    • EB surface anneal
    • Laser glazing
  • Properties of alternate superconducting materials

    We are collaborating with industrial partners to broaden the supplier base for SRF systems.