1200°C High Vacuum Furnace

Empty pressure: < 8 ´10-7 torr

Used to degas hydrogen from niobium cavities at 600 - 800°C to avoid Q-disease (hydride precipitation) during slow cooldown through the 100 K region.

Used occasionally for purifying bulk niobium via solid state gettering at 1250°C with titanium

(Shown with 700 MHz test cavity in hot zone)

1200°C High Vacuum Furnace

Empty pressure: < 5 x 10-7 torr

Used for Vacuum Brazing of both Warm & Cold RF Windows, as well as various R & D Components used in the Accelerator, End Stations, and FEL.

This furnace is also used for heat treatment, hydrogen degassing of vacuum components, and large grain crystal growth of coppers used for thin film substrates.