Pansophy — Process and Data Management

SRF accelerator systems are a complex integration challenge. Keeping track of subcomponent test data and evolving processing and testing procedures presents a very real challenge. To create the possibility for maximum learning from expensive prototyping and low-volume production work, we’ve taken advantage of contemporary IT tools and created a web-based information management system to capture both procedures and data conveniently into a robust database. Retrieval and mining of the data is equally convenient. We call our system Pansophy. The system itself is an integration of standard commercially available software products.

  • We have successfully used the Pansophy system for support of our construction of the cryomodules for the Spallation Neutron Source.
  • We are presently using Pansophy to support the construction of the upgrade prototype cryomodule Renascence for CEBAF's 12GeV Upgrade.