JLab SRF Resources

Facility descriptions and photos
JLab has a full suite of resources for developing and testing SRF systems.

A variety of technical systems support the development, processing, assembly and testing of SRF accelerator systems at JLab.

  • Nb cavity fabrication
    • Electron Beam Welding
    • Presses for deep drawing Nb components
    • CNC mill for precision machining of prototype components
  • Cavity processing facilities
    • Closed chemistry cabinet
    • High pressure UPW
    • Electropolishing facility
  • Furnaces
  • Vertical Cryogenic Test Area (VTA)
  • Cryomodule assembly facilities

Although frequently matrixed as needed for particular projects, JLab staff working on SRF systems are organized in several groups.

SRF Institute Groups

  • Special Projects
    • Science and Technology - Provides scientific support to projects, operations and new development
  • Processes and Materials
    • QA/QC and Data Management - Provides SRF IT support and QA/QC services
  • Cavity Processing - Processes and assembles SRF cavities for test and production
    • Infrastructure - Maintains and operates pooled technical facilities for SRF
  • Cryomodule Assembly - Assembles, tests, and maintains cryomodules

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