Analysis Ecosystems Workshop II

  • Analysis Ecosystems Workshop II
    Paris, France
    2022-05-23EDT3:00:00 ~ 2022-05-25EDT10:00:00
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It is five years since the first Analysis Ecosystems Workshop organized by the HEP Software Foundation (HSF) in 2017. Since that time, many changes have happened, with the advent of new projects, tools, and data formats, intense activity and progress in established projects, and entirely new routes to explore, such as differentiable programming. Still, the challenge of efficient analysis for the HL-LHC era is not yet solved and so HSF and IRIS-HEP would like to announce the Second Analysis Ecosystems Workshop. Though HL-LHC represents a particular challenge, we welcome participation and discussion from the whole of the high-energy and nuclear physics communities as our ecosystem has so many shared components. Topics for the workshop will include, amongst others:

  • Analysis Facilities
  • ML tools and differentiable computing workflows
  • “Real-time” trigger-level analysis
  • Analysis User Experience and Declarative Languages
  • Analysis on reduced formats or specialist inputs
  • Bookkeeping and systematics handling

As a workshop, there will be limited presentations, lots of time for discussion and a written outcome that summarizes the workshop’s conclusions and points the way forward.

COVID Assessment: Although we are cautiously optimistic that the evolution of the pandemic will allow for an in-person workshop in May, we would be very keen to get your feedback to allow us to better plan the event.

We now have a more detailed block timetable available:

Event Date
Paris, France
(AI) Artificial Intelligence
(EIC) Electron Ion Collider
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Markus Diefenthaler
(757) 269-6259