Adm Version 0.4 Release Notes

1. Overview:

This release includes few new widgets and some new BeanInfo classes compared with previous release 0.3. Some of the widgets are also improved and extended. The two types of jar file are provided for run time use and for visual development IDE use.

2. New and changes:

3. Limitations: 4. System requirements:

5. Installation:

Download the tar file from Java cdev web site. Unpack the tar file using the tar utility. The tar files are organized as follows:

        |             |                 |           |               |
    admREADME        adm             adm.jar   adm_develop.jar    admdoc
            __________|____________                                 |
           |       |      |        |                              *.html
        *.java   *.gif  event    Makefile                               
                    |           |
                   *.java      *.gif

The document web pages generated by javadoc are under admdoc directory. They can also be created using make file provided in adm directory (run "make admdoc").

There are two jar files provided in this release. The adm.jar file contains only none-BeanInfo class and used in the run time. It is relatively smaller than adm_develop.jar file. The adm_develop.jar contains all class files, including the BeanInfo classes, and all image files needed by the visual builder tool. These two jar files can be created by run "make admjar" on Unix or Linux platform. They are also available to download from the cdev web site.

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