Java ADM Beans

The ADM package is a java library used for building Graphical User Interfaces on top of the Java CDEV layer. With the CDEV and ADM packages the value and state of any device + property in the control system can be displayed graphically in real time. Using the control widgets in the ADM package, the device/property's value can be changed by a simple mouse click or drag.

The links on the left of this page contain the documents of all visible widgets in the package. The package index created by javadoc are also available.

All the widgets in this package are awt-based components, including monitor and/or control widgets, invisible widgets and the container widgets. These widgets are java beans and can be loaded into any visual IDE tools to create a java application or applet running within a browser. A step by step instruction for deploy custom JavaBeans into Visal cafe is provided. Sample applet codes are available from the adm demo page.

The ADM package is still under development, any comments and suggestion on these widgets, please send to The latest version can be obtained here.