Java CDEV Version 2.2.1 Release Notes

This release includes various performance tweaks and optimizations and should be compatible with previous 2.x releases. It includes most of the changes introduced at CERN in their Nov 99 release with the exception that Data is not cloned prior to delivery to a DeviceListener.

System requirements:
To use this package Java 1.1.7 or higher is required. 1.1.8 and 1.2.2 versions of Java are recommend. They can be downloaded from the web site.

This release was tested under Linux Red Hat 5.2 and 6.0 and Windows 98 and NT 4.0 using java 1.1.8 and java 1.2.2.

In this release, the CLIP I/O service (package cdev.clip) when operating as a java server has been modified slightly in its behavior. When a message is received from a client which is one of get/set/monitorOn/monitorOff then the message is automatically converted to a transaction in the new form defined in Java CDEV 2.0, where the string verb is converted to an opCode. This effects all classes derived from cdev.BasicServer which use the CLIPservice. Now, instead of getting the string message via DeviceTransaction.getMessage() and then parsing the string, the service process routine can obtain already parsed information via DeviceTransaction.getOpcode() and DeviceTransaction.getProperty().

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