Conceived in late 1996, the prototype (Java CDEV v1.0) was completed in late 1997 to test the feasibility of a java client (an applet) that retrieves and displays control system information obtained from the cdevGateway using the CLIP protocol. A 100% Java implementation of this protocol allowed web use within popular browsers without the need to locally install any software on the client machine.

To facilitate testing, a Java Display Manager (jdm) library was developed in 1998 to generate displays from an existing inventory of display screens available at Jefferson Lab. More details on v1.0

In late 1998, a collaboration with CERN formed to improve and expand the original design, adding more sophisticated error handling, a more modular I/O structure, and better support for generic applications. This version (Java CDEV v2.0) is under continuing development in collaboration with CERN, and is being used at both CERN and PSI. More details on V2.0 efforts

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