CDEV 2.0 for Java

Links: (last update July 12, 1999)

CERN and Jefferson Lab are collaborating to develop an enhanced Java interface to accelerator controls, partially based upon the original beta Java CDEV package. This collaboration includes members of both of the accelerator controls groups at CERN (PS and SL), and is aimed at unifying software developments within CERN as well as sharing software with the international community.

As part of this activity, several new features are being added to CDEV aimed at better support for generic applications, in particular the ability for an application to learn about the capabilities and configuration of the accelerator control system (enabling a wider variety of portable applications). To this end, CERN is adding a new sub-package ( which extends the capabilities of the C++ cdevDirectory device, and is implemented using JDBC driven by an SQL database (instead of CDEV dll files).

A number of other enhancements are also contained in version 2.0, including: better error information through a new error object, better performance for the data object, a new flavor of I/O based upon named properties. [Note: "properties" is the new standardized name for what has until now been called "characteristics" in CDEV].

We invite all CDEV users and interested parties to read the CDEV 2.0 Java API requirements document (at CERN) (mirrored at Jlab) and the CERN User's Guide and Javadoc documentation found at the CERN Java Controls page and respond by sending technical comments to this mailing list For simple editorial comments or problems with the documents themselves, send email to

An API specification in the form of Javadoc is also available at the CERN Java web. This API is now running at CERN and at Jefferson Lab (beta software available upon request).

After experience has been gained with the enhanced API, appropriate changes will be proposed for the C++ implementation, following the Java developments by about 12 months.

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