SDM Version 0.1 Release Notes

1. Overview:

This is the first release of the SDM (swing display manager) package.  There is only one widget - CTable widget in this release. CTable is used to monitor multiple devices and properties.  The control ability and other more features will be added to this widget  in future release.

This version also included CTableUtility program to manipulate CTable widget.

2. System requirements:

To use this package Java 1.2.2 or higher is required. They can be downloaded from the web site.
This package was tested under Linux Red Hat 6.2, Windows NT 4.0 and Unix using java 1.2.2.

3. Feature Summary:

    - CTable can monitor the multiple numerical type of device property. The device name and property name be added, deleted and replaced dynamically by right click on the  row header or column header.

    - Using the CTableUtility, the table configuration can be saved and reused at later time. The monitor can be paused and restarted by user at any time.

4. New features planned for future releases:

For any comments and suggestions on SDM widgets,  please send to

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