SDM Version 0.3 Release Notes

1. Overview:

In this release the CTable has been updated to editable and can be used to control multiple devices and properties.  This release also includes many new Swing based widgets compared with previous 0.1 release.  All awt based widget in adm release 0.3 (except CStripChart and CPanel) now have a correspondent swing based widget in the sdm release 0.3. The class inheritance between these two packages is almost same. The only difference is the Swing based CSlider in sdm package is a subclass of JSlider and the CSlider in adm package is a custom widget drawn in an awt.Canvas.

It is recommend using only one of the package since the class names in adm and sdm packages are identical.  If the adm package user needs the CTable widget, it is better to import the sdm.CTable only.  Preliminary test result shows the awt based widgets are much more efficient than swing base widgets using java1.2.2 virtual machine.  

2. System requirements:

3. New and Changes:

4. Limitations:

5. New features planned for future releases:

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