Computing Round Table

On Tuesday, February 12, the monthly Computing Round Table will be extended to include a Review of 2018, a discussion of the Strategic Initiatives for 2019 and Beyond and in the afternoon, a planning exercise targeted at Machine Learning:

10:00 a.m. Review of 2018, including presentations on the Streaming Grand Challenge and the Center for Nuclear Femtography 11:30 a.m. Strategic Initiatives for 2019 and Beyond 13:00 p.m. Machine Learning Planning Exercise

The detailed meeting agenda will be available on: At Jefferson Lab we will meet in F224-225. For remote participation, we will use BlueJeans (ID: 373678588). You can join via browser:

or dial into the meeting:

US: (888) 240-2560 International numbers: Meeting ID: 373678588

More information about the Computing Round Table (upcoming meetings, previous presentations) can be found on:

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February 12, 2019