12th International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics (SNP School 2023) Tokai, Japan

Conference Date
Conference Location

Tokai (J-PARC), Japan

We are pleased to announce that the SNPSchool2023 will be held at J-PARC, Tokai, Japan, from December 11-15, 2023 co-hosted by J-PARC, ELPH-Tohoku, RCNP-Osaka, KEK-IINAS, and supported by ASRC JAEA, ANPhA, RIKEN Nishina Center, GP-PU of Tohoku Univ, and related research grants. This is the twelfth of the series which has been held every year since 2012.

The school will be held in-person at J-PARC as well as online connection. The school provides lectures that cover subjects from basics to the frontiers of strangeness nuclear physics as well as other related fields such as astrophysics, atomic physics, etc. Lecturers are invited both from theoretical or experimental physics, and their materials are prepared to be useful to young physicists and also to researchers who would have wider interests.

In addition to the lectures, J-PARC facility tours will be organized. An important event is the “young researchers’ session” for young participants' presentations, where good ones will be awarded. In previous schools, we have seen that all participants enjoyed the session.