Conference Date
Conference Location

Norfolk Waterside Marriott
235 East Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

The organizational structure for CHEP consists of a Program Committee (PC) that oversees the program content, an International Advisory Committee (IAC), which sets the overall themes of the conference, and a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) that is responsible for local arrangements (lodging, transportation, social events, etc.) and conference logistics (registration, program scheduling, conference site selection, conference proceedings, etc.).

Program Committee Co-Chairs
The role of the Program Committee chairs:

  • Determine the scientific structure of the parallel sessions taking high-level guidance from the IAC and conference chairs. Work with the IAC and conference chairs on the total conference structure including plenary sessions and speakers.
  • Propose additional members of the PC to help in abstract selection and parallel session formation and organization.
  • Organize the review and selection of abstracts, ensuring, as far as possible, a common set of quality and relevance standards.
  • Propose a track structure for the selected talks and a session organization for selected posters.
  • Appoint track conveners, where possible from the existing PC membership.
  • Oversee the submission of papers; appoint referees; oversee the use of the IOP system by track conveners, encouraging the submission of amended papers where necessary, and the timely completion of the peer review process.

Pat Scott, University of Queensland, Australia
Paul Laycock, Brookhaven National Lab, USA
Raffaella De Vita, JLab and INFN, Italy
Xavier Espinal, CERN, Switzerland

Contact Program Committee at

International Advisory Committee
The International Advisory Committee is a large group with experience of previous CHEP conferences and are experts in the field. Their role is to advise the Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee.

Alessandra Forti, Manchester
Andreas Wicenec, UWA/ICRAR
Bronson Messer, ORNL
Caterina Doglioni, Lund
Concezio Bozzi, INFN Ferrara
Danilo Piparo, CERN
David Britton, Glasgow
David Groep, Nikhef
Doris Kim, Soongsil
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy, FNAL
Eric Yen, Academia Sinica
Gang Chen, IHEP
Ghita Rahal, IN2P3/CNRS
Gonzalo Merino, PIC/CIEMAT
Gordon Watts, University of Washington
Graeme A. Stewart, CERN
Hannah Short, CERN
Heather Gray, UC Berkeley/LBNL
Heidi Schellman, Oregon State
Ian Bird, CERN
Ikuo Ueda, KEK
James Catmore, Oslo
Jerome Lauret, BNL
Julia Andreeva, CERN
Latchezar Betev, CERN
Lucia Silvestris, INFN Bari
Marco Cattaneo, CERN
Maria Girone, CERN
Michel Jouvin, IJCLab (CNRS/IN2P3)
Mohammad Al-Turany, GSI
Niko Neufeld, CERN
Oxana Smirnova, Lund
Pat Scott, University of Queensland
Patrick Fuhrmann, DESY
Paul Jackson, University of Adelaide
Paul Laycock, BNL
Peter Clarke, Edinburgh
Peter Elmer, Princeton University
Peter Hristov, CERN
Raffaella De Vita, INFN
Randall Sobie, Victoria
Reda Tafirout     Simon, Fraser/TRIUMF
Richard Mount, SLAC (Retired) 
Sang Un Ahn, KISTI
Simone Campana, CERN
Stefan Roiser, CERN
Stefano Piano, INFN sez. Trieste
Takanori Hara, KEK
Tommaso Boccali, INFN Pisa
Torre Wenaus, BNL
Waseem Kamleh, University of Adelaide

Local Organizing Committee

Amber Boehnlein, JLab - Chair
Graham Heyes, JLab - Co-chair
Anita Seay, JLab
Brent Morris, JLab
David Abbott, JLab
Jessica Perry, JLab
Lisa Surles-Law, JLab
Logan Chappell, JLab
Mark Ito, JLab
Taylor Childers, ANL

Contact Local Organizing Committee at