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The Heavy Photon Search Experiment (HPS) at Jefferson Lab has just successfully defended its remaining beamtime at the PAC48 jeopardy hearing. The PAC endorsed the HPS run plan and recommended maintaining the remaining time allocation (135 days) as well as the experiment grade A. In addition to presenting our run plan, our PAC presentation included  HPS progress in three key areas, which will be the main focus of this collaboration meeting. 

During a 3-day remote collaboration meeting, we will discuss completing the analysis and publishing the results from our 2016 engineering run, the status of calibration and alignment of the 2019 data, and ongoing preparations for the 2021 summer run. As in every meeting, we will hear updates from JLAB and Hall-B. We’ll also her an overview of recent developments in Hidden Sector Physics and possible new physics targets. The business session of the meeting includes updates from PPC, EC, and the results of the election for a new collaboration and PPC members.

The meeting will provide an excellent introduction to HPS for potential new collaborators, who are welcome to attend.