Accelerator Seminar: Alex Gurevich

Conference Date
Conference Location

TL 1227

Speaker: Alex Gurevich

Title: Nonlinear Meissner interferometry using high-Q superconducting cavities

Abstract: I discuss a nonlinear Meissner interferometry which can be used to measure a nonlinear electromagnetic response of thin film samples and multilayers. Here the input rf field going through a thin film placed at the orifice of a high-Q Nb cavity excites the resonant third harmonic in the cavity because of the nonlinear Meissner in the sample. This interferometer can be used to greatly increase the field amplitude of the nonlinear Meissner effect and generate a giant third harmonic B_3¿ (T) at GHz frequencies. Measurements of the temperature dependence of B_3¿ (T) can reveal the fundamental influence of impurities, grain boundaries and superconducting gap symmetry on the nonlinear Meissner effect in conventional and unconventional superconductors.