Joint GlueX-PANDA Workshop 2019

Conference Date
Conference Location

The George Washington University
GW VSTC Exploration Hall
45085 University Drive.
Ashburn, VA 20147



The GlueX and PANDA experiments are and will be world leading hadronic-physics facilities, which are complementary in studying the dynamics of the strong interaction.  The PANDA experiment features a modern multipurpose detector in combination with a high-quality antiproton beam at the HESR to address important questions in all aspects of this field by collecting large statistics and high-quality exclusive data to test QCD in the non-perturbative regime. The linearly polarized photon beam and GlueX's large acceptance detector provide a unique capability to study the spectrum of mesons produced in photoproduction. The GlueX collaboration recently completed collecting data in the initial low-intensity phase, with many analyses already underway.  This workshop will focus on fostering collaboration between the two communities in many aspects, e.g. common detector and data acquisition aspects and the development of common analysis techniques for ongoing GlueX analyses and preparation for PANDA.


Spring Hill Suites by Marriott
Ashburn Dulles North
20065 Lakeview Center Plaza,
Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone: (703) 723-9300

The hotel is within a 7 minute walk from the workshop location.

The group rate is $169 plus 13% local tax.   Book your stay at the group rate here.

Reservations by attendees must be received on or before 04/19/2019. Breakfast is included in the rate as well as use of the hotel shuttle that runs daily from 7am-10pm to and from the airport as well as within a 5 mile radius of the hotel. The hotel cannot provide kosher items and some of the breakfast items are gluten free, such as the eggs, bacon, sausage, and yogurt.


Wireless Access

Please review the DIT website for instructions un the the tab "Visitors."


Remote Access

For remote access to the workshop please do the following:

1.) To join via a Web Browser, follow the link .

2.) To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: ( and enter the meeting ID: 509241160 .

3.) To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 509241160.

Dial Either +1 408 740 7256 or +1 888 240 2560 for US or Canada



Organizing Committee

Bill Briscoe (George Washington)
Johan Messchendorp (KVI-CART, Groningen, The Netherlands)
Curtis Meyer (Carnegie Mellon)
Klaus Peters (GSI and University Frankfurt, Germany)
Igor Strakovsky (George Washington)
Justin Stevens (William & Mary)

Local Organizing Committee

Maxim Mai
Olga Cortes
Stuart Fegan
Will Phelps

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