HUGS 2021 Connection Information

The e-HUGS 2021 school is the first in the series to be offered remotely. The main lectures will be live-streamed, recorded and posted publicly on the web. Registered HUGS students will fully participate in these with the right to raise their hand, ask questions, and participate in the discussions. External viewers will only be able to ask questions on a chat visible to the session moderator. All other activities (recitations, student seminars and posters, tours, virtual get-togethers, and the Physics Careers workshop) are reserved only for the accepted HUGS students.

Therefore, we will be working with different platforms, some of which are only accessible to the registered HUGS students:

  • BlueJeans: this is a conferencing platform similar to Zoom. You can either use the browser or the desktop version. You will be sent your private link to the BlueJeans HUGS meeting to your e-mail address. The first time you access it, you will be prompted to install the browser or desktop version. After this first time, you will be able to join the meeting directly whenever you click the link.

    Some introductory events will be held here, as well as recitations, topical seminars, student seminars, virtual tours, and the Physics Careers workshop.

    Please contact Astrid if you have any questions about BlueJeans.
  • Gather: this is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel. We are going to use Gather for social gatherings (coffee breaks, social events, ...) and for the poster session. We will send you an invitation link by e-mail. The first time you join (the browser version works better than the desktop app, which is still a beta version), you will need to create an avatar and then you will enter a 2D-room similar to the Pokemon Game-Boy game. In the Main Hall room and in the poster session room you can move freely with your avatar and interact with each other and some objects (such as the posters when they are ready). In general, you can interact only with the people that are around you in the room. There will be also private areas where all the people inside can interact, while people outside cannot (private does not mean you cannot access it, it just means that people outside the area cannot hear or speak with you). Note that there will be some explicitly marked points on the map that are meant only for moderator use to broadcast announcements into all the rooms.

    We will have a Meet and Greet on Gather on May 27th at 10am (EDT), where you can try out the platform for the first time. We suggest that you use that time to explore the map and become familiar with the environment. The room will be continuously open from May 27th to June 26th, so that you can use it whenever you want to interact with your peers, to talk about physics or just enjoy some free time with other HUGS participants!

    Please contact Alex if you have any questions about
  • Slack: this is a communication platform that offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. It can be used through a browser or, more conveniently, through a desktop or mobile app. We will use Slack as a space for the school's announcements, to chat with other students and lecturers, exchange opinions and ask questions about everything HUGS-related. (During lectures, please ask lecture-related questions through the remote conferencing app, but otherwise feel free to use Slack to ping any of us at any time.) Registered HUGS students will receive an e-mail invite to join the HUGS workspace and start interacting with other participants.

    Please contact Filippo if you have any questions about slack.

In addition to these above platforms restricted to registered HUGS students, we will live-stream and record the core lectures.

  • Zoom: On this link, HUGS students fully participate in the remote lectures as panelists (please check your e-mail for your personal link invitation); other viewers can ask questions that will only be visible to the session moderator, who will select a few to ask the lecturer as time allows.

    Please contact tech support if you run into issues when connecting:
    757-683-5318 or 1-800-462-0959 (Toll Free) (8am to 10pm ET)
  • We will keep the recordings of the lectures on the REYES' YouTube channel and Recordings web page (the recordings will appear one or two days after each lecture.)

The program is shared as follows:

  • The full school program and schedule can be found on Indico. You do not need to register with an Indico account to view it. However, as a Speaker or Lecturer (including the students who will give seminars), please register in order to be able to upload your slides. To enable the most efficient organization, we ask the students to register with the same e-mail that they use for the HUGS school.
  • Live Stream program (static PDF version)