2021 JLUO Annual Meeting Program

Monday, June 21

  Topic Speaker Institution
9:00 Welcome Kent Paschke JLUO Board
9:10 Jefferson Lab Overview Stuart Henderson JLab
9:45 NSF Nuclear Physics Perspective Jim Thomas NSF
10:05 Break -------  
10:20 Overview of the Jefferson Lab Science Program Bob McKeown JLab
10:50 CEBAF Performance and Outlook Camille Ginsburg JLab
11:15 F2n/F2p structure function ratio from the MARATHON Hanjie Liu UMass-Amherst
11:40 F2 Structure Functions at Large x Simona Malace JLab
12:05 Lunch ------------  
1:00 PREX-2  Donald Jones Temple
1:25 CREX Chandan Ghosh UMass Amherst
1:50 Break ------------  
2:10 Implications of PREX-2 on the Nuclear Equation of State Brendan Reed Indiana
2:35 J/Psi Measurement in Hall C Sylvester Joosten ANL
3:00 SBS Update Andrew Puckett U.Conn.
3:25 Adjourn    

Tuesday, June 22

  Topic Speaker Institution
9:00 Overview of the JLab/EIC Program Rolf Ent JLab
9:45 Double Proton Tagging Studies on 3He Dien Nguyen JLab
10:15 Break -----------  
10:35 Meson Structure within the JAM Framework Patrick Barry JLab
11:05 TMDs in SIDIS and EIC impact studies Chiara Bissolotti Pavia
11:35 Studies of EIC Tracking Needs Reynier Cruz-Torres LBL
12:05 Lunch ------------  
1:00 DOE Nuclear Physics Perspective Tim Hallman DOE
1:35 Hall A/C Science in the EIC Future Cynthia Keppel JLab
2:00 Business Meeting Kent Paschke JLUO BOD
2:30 Virtual Poster Session (until 4:30pm EDT)    


Wednesday, June 23

Bluejeans link: https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/live-event/aaswtduz

  Topic Speaker Institution
9:00 Overview of CLAS12/Hall B Recent Results Marco Battaglieri Jlab
9:30 Timelike Compton Scattering with CLAS12 Pierre Chatagnon Genova
10:00 Positron beam and physics at Jefferson Lab Eric Voutier IJCLab, Université Paris Saclay
10:25 Break ------------  
10:45 Measurements of spin density matrix for several processes at GlueX Peter Pauli U. Glasgow
11:15 JSA Awards: Thesis Prize, Postdoctoral Prize    Poster Award Slides Elizabeth Lawson JSA
11:30 JSA Thesis Award Talk Weizhi Xiong Duke
11:55 JSA Postdoctoral Award Talk Andrew Jackura ODU
12:20 Lunch ------------  
1:30 Strange Hadron Spectroscopy with Secondary KL Beam in Hall-D Moskov Amaryan ODU
1:55 A Typical Data Science Pipeline Malachi Schram JLab
2:20 Break ------------  
2:45 AI from JLab to EIC Cristiano Fanelli MIT
3:15 Lepton Identification at GlueX with Autoencoder Neural Networks Daniel Lersch FSU
3:45 Adjourn