Theory Seminar: Arkaitz Rodas

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CC L102

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Speaker: Arkaitz Rodas (Jefferson Lab)

Title: "Studying non-ordinary hadrons from first principles"

Abstract: Understanding the emergence of hadrons, from quarks and gluons, is one of the major challenges in modern physics. The non-perturbative nature of the strong interactions prevents us from determining the hadron spectrum algebraically. We rely on experiment and lattice QCD information to guide our understanding of nuclear physics. However, unstable hadrons are only observed through their decay products, which introduces a major challenge. Both experiment and lattice QCD necessitate of phenomenological inputs, in the form of amplitudes, to determine the hadron spectrum. In this talk, I will review how first-principles techniques, like the ones used in modern amplitude analyses, enable us to extract robust information, solving longstanding puzzles like the extraction of elusive, non-ordinary mesons.