Theory Seminar: Bijaya Acharya

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CC L102

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Speaker: Bijaya Acharya (Oak Ridge)

Title: Nuclear electroweak structure in chiral effective field theory

Abstract: Chiral effective field theory provides nuclear interactions and electroweak currents as controlled approximations to quantum chromodynamics and electroweak theory at momenta relevant for nuclear processes. In this talk, I will outline our recent progress that has enabled computation of lepton-nucleus quasielastic scattering observables in the ab initio coupled-cluster method. I will present predictions for several nuclear electroweak observables: proton-proton fusion, quasielastic electron scattering on deuteron, He-4, O-16, and Ca-40, magnetic moments in the Ca isotopic chain, and magnetic transition in Ca-48. I will highlight the astrophysical and experimental implications of these results, and discuss some of the remaining challenges.