Theory Seminar: Chien-Yeah Seng

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CC L102

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Speaker: Chien-Yeah Seng (Michigan State and University of Washington)

Title: Nuclear physics in Vud

Abstract: The experimental determination of the first-row Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix element Vud has reached an impressive 0.03% level, serving as one of the most powerful tests of the Standard Model (SM) at low energies. In recent years, an apparent deficit of the first-row CKM matrix unitarity at the level of 3 sigma is observed, which provides possible indications of New Physics. The major obstacles to a confirmed discovery are the hadronic and nuclear theory uncertainties in the SM inputs that enter the Vud extraction. In this seminar I will describe how a combination of experimental data, lattice QCD and ab-initio nuclear theory calculations could ultimately pin down these inputs, and how we may benefit from current and future experimental programs at Jefferson Lab.