Towards Improved Hadron Femtography with Hard Exclusive Reactions 2023 (GPD Workshop)

Conference Date
Conference Location

CC Auditorium / F324-325

This workshop aims at bringing together theorists and experimentalists to discuss the current status and potential directions for the physics of hard exclusive reactions, in particular for interpretations about hadron imaging. Subjects covered during the workshop will include hard exclusive single-meson and associated-meson production, 'novel' Compton-like reactions beyond DVCS and the sensitivity of the respective exclusive processes to GPDs, GTMDs, spin structure and gravitational form factors. Opportunities at low and high x, at fixed-target and collider experiments will also be discussed.

In order to facilitate informal discussions and the development of new ideas, this workshop will be exclusively in-person (though remote attendance as audience, only, is possible with a free registration). Ample time will be given for discussions, with dedicated round tables for each topic.