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Hall B 12 GeV Upgrade Workshop

May 14-15, 2007
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA USA

The 2nd CLAS12 Detector and Software Workshop will be held May 14-15, 2007 at Jefferson Lab. The main goal of this two-day workshop is a collaboration review of the Hall B Upgrade Status. This includes all CLAS12 detectors that are part of the base equipment. We will review progress of the various R&D projects, the progress in Project Engineering and Design (PED) of the new detector systems, and of other ancillary equipment in the Hall, as well as progress in the online and offline developments. The workshop will focus on the preparation for the CD2 reviews in the summer 2007. For CD2 approval we will need well documented >35% design level for all systems, as well as bottoms-up cost estimate, and full backup documentation. Below is an outline of the agenda which is very similar to the previous workshop but extends over two full days.


Volker Burkert, Gail Dodge, Latifa Elouadrhiri, and CLAS12 Steering Committee.