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Electromagnetic N-N* Transition Form Factors Workshop

October 13-15, 2008
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA


Electromagnetic N-N* Transition Form Factors Workshop to be held at Jefferson Laboratory, October 13-15, 2008.
The main objectives of the workshop are:

(a) review the status of the N-N* transition form factors extracted from the meson electro-production data.

(b) call for the theoretical interpretations of the extracted N-N* transition form factors, that enable access to the mechanisms responsible for the N* formation and to their emergence from fundamental QCD.

Since the general development in N* physics had been well discussed in several meetings in 2007 and certainly will be covered by the N* workshop to be held April 19-22, 2009 in Beijing, the emphasis of this meeting will be specifically on the theoretical interpretations of N-N* form factors. We hope to have very concentrated discussions on the predictions from various hadron structure models and Lattice QCD.

The meeting will have invited talks and shorter selected contributions. We hope these presentations can be the input to a White Paper on the N* Physics with 12 GeV upgrade of CEBAF.


International Organizing Committee:
V. Burkert
B. Julia-Diaz
R. Gothe
T.-S. H. Lee
V. Mokeev