New Opportunities with High-Intensity Photon Sources
February 6-7, 2017
The Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C.


The mini-proceedings are now available online at


This workshop aims at producing an optimized photon source concept with potential increase of scientific output at Jefferson Lab, and at refining the science for hadron physics experiments benefitting from such a high-intensity photon source. The workshop is dedicated to bringing together the communities directly using such sources for photo-production experiments, or for conversion into KL beams. The combination of high precision calorimetry and high intensity photon sources can provide greatly enhances scientific benefit to (deep) exclusive processes like wide-angle and time-like Compton scattering. Potential prospects of such a high-intensity source with modern polarized targets will also be discussed. The availability of KL beams would open new avenues for hadron spectroscopy, for example for the investigation of "missing" hyperon resonances, with potential impact on QCD thermodynamics and on freeze-out both in heavy ion collisions and in the early universe.

Organizing Committee

Tanja Horn, CUA
Cynthia Keppel, JLab
Carlos Munoz-Camacho, IPNO
Igor Strakovsky, George Washington University



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