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The 8th International Workshop on the Physics of Excited Nucleons
May 17-20, 2011
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, Virginia USA


Monday, May 16, 2011

17:30 - 19:00 Opening Registration & Reception CEBAF Center


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

7:45 Registration & Continental Breakfast  
8:30 Welcome - CEBAF Center Auditorium  pdf | pptx H. Montgomery
  Session Chair: M. Jones  
8:45 Opportunities and Challenges of the N* program (theory)  pptx C. Roberts
9:20 Challenges of the N* program (experiment)  pdf R. Gothe
9:55 Excited state baryon spectroscopy from lattice QCD  pdf   S. Wallace
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session Chair: W. Roberts  
10:50 Phenomenlogical approaches to N* extraction (overview)  pdf S. Krewald
11:25 Methods for nucleon resonance extraction (overview)  pdf   T. Sato
12:00 Lunch Break  
12:50 JLab Tour  
  Session Chair: E. Pasyuk  
14:15 Complete pseudoscalar photo-production measurements  ppt F.J. Klein
14:50 Results from polarized experiments at GRAAL and LEGS  pdf A. d'Angelo
15:25 Coffee break  
15:45 - 18:25 Parallel Sessions I-A, I-B, I-C  


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast  
  Session Chair: M. Giannini  
8:45 Transverse quark densities  pdf M. Vanderhaeghen
9:20 Resonance transition form factors from LQCD  pdf C. Alexandrou
9:55 Transition form factors from meson electroproduction data  pptx V. Mokeev
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session Chair: B. Zou  
10:50 Dynamical CC analysis of π-N and γ-N data  ppt T.-S. H. Lee
11:25 Baryon Wave Functions from Lattice QCD  pdf V. Braun
12:00 Heavy flavor baryon states  pdf S. Seidel
12:35 Group Photo - CEBAF Center Atrium  
12:45 Lunch Break  
  Session Chair: J.P. Chen  
13:50 Highlights of N* exps at BES and prospects  pdf Z. Zhao
14:20 - 16:00 Parallel Sessions II-A, II-B, II-C  
16:00 Coffee break  
16:15 Excursion to Yorktown  
21:00 Return from excursion  


Thursday, May 19, 2011

8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast  
  Session Chair: J. Goity  
8:45 Overview of quark models for excited baryons E. Santopinto
9:20 Excited baryons in the large Nc limit  pdf N. Matagne
9:55 Highlights of N* experiments at COSY  ppt H. Stroeher
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session Chair: E. Oset  
10:50 Nucleon resonances and nucleon spin structure  ppt | pdf K. Slifer
11:25 Resonances extracted from Bonn-Gatchina coupled-channel analysis  pdf A. Sarantsev
12:00 Resonance-Parton Duality and the Transverse Response of Nucleons  pdf U. Mosel
12:30 Lunch break  
  Session Chair: V. Crede  
13:50 Hyperons: Scaling, N* Resonances, and the Λ(1405)  pdf R. Schumacher
14:25 Excited baryon experiments at LEPS  ppt T. Nakano
14:50 Coffee break  
15:10 - 18:10 Parallel sessions III-A, III-B, III-C  
18:00 - 20:00 Networking Reception  


Friday, May 20, 2011

8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast  
  Session Chair: D. Leinweber  
8:45 Probing the quark mass in elastic and transition form factors  pdf I. Cloet
9:20 Dynamically generated baryon states  pdf D. Jido
9:55 Highlights of N* exps at MAMI  ppt H.J. Arends
10:30 Coffee break  
  Session Chair: C. Schaerf  
10:50 Highlights of N* experiments at ELSA  pdf F. Klein
11:25 Hadron physics at JPARC  pdf S. Sawada
12:00 Towards a model independent partial wave analysis for pseudoscalar meson photoproduction  ppt L. Tiator
12:35 Comments from the DOE  pdf T. Barnes
12:50 Lunch break  
  Session Chair: D. Richards  
14:00 Excited baryons in holographic QCD  pdf G. de Teramond
14:35 Unusual hadron states observed at B-factories  pptx | pdf M. Fritsch
15:10 Coffee break  
15:30 Outlook  ppt M. Pennington
16:05 Closing remarks  
16:15 End of conference