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Parallelism in Experimental Nuclear Physics Workshop
January 6-7, 2011
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA


The workshop is focused on parallelization in modern and near-future computing hardware. These technologies can be leveraged by next generation Experimental Nuclear Physics projects which will produce RHIC and LHC level data volumes. The workshop will take place at Christopher Newport University which is 5 minutes away from the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab).

The workshop will consist of a full day of talks and discussion with an evening reception. The optional second day will consist of a tutorial on using software developed for the GlueX experiment in Hall-D which contains multiple parallelizing technologies (multi-threading, SIMD instructions, and GPUs).


We will have speakers from Intel, Fermilab, SLAC, and Rutherford Appleton Labs as well as local JLab experts.

Registration Deadline January 1, 2011
No registration fee
Some travel support available

Organizing Committee:
David Lawrence*
Ed Brash*
Ole Hansen
Simon Taylor
David Heddle
Beni Zihlmann
Sascha Somov

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