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QCD Evolution Workshop: from collinear to non collinear case
April 8-9, 2011
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


In recent years, the concept of parton distributions has evolved from the original form of distributions for parton momenta collinear to that of the hadron.  In particular, Generalized Parton Distributions contain information about the impact parameter distribution of partons necessary in description of hard exclusive processes.  For hard inclusive processes, the non-collinear dynamics is described by the Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) distributions that attract now a vivid experimental interest, with the theory of TMD's being a rapidly developing area of QCD. The transverse degrees of freedom also play an important role at high energies, where the physics of color dipoles is crucial for studies of such phenomena as gluon saturation. The goal of the workshop is to bring together theorists working in these areas, with emphasis on recent studies of QCD evolution of parton distributions.

Organizing Committee:
Alexei Prokudin, Chair
Ian Balitsky
Anatoly Radyushkin