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Extracting physics from precision experiments: Techniques of Amplitude Analysis
May 30 - June 13, 2012
College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia USA


Talks are now available on the "Program & Talks" link.

In preparation for the analysis of precision experiments at BESIII, COMPASS, LHCb, JLab@12 GeV, and PANDA@FAIR, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) is organizing a two week advanced course covering Techniques of Amplitude Analysis, aimed at postdoctoral researchers and advanced doctoral students in nuclear and particle physics. This Study Institute will comprise pedagogical lectures with exercises and discussion sessions covering:

Lecturers: Suh-urk Chung (BNL/TUM). Jozef Dudek (JLab/ODU), Bastian Kubis (Bonn), T-S (Harry) Lee (ANL), Brian Meadows (U. Cincinnati), Antimo Palano (INFN, Bari), Michael Pennington (JLab), Klaus Peters (GSI, Darmstadt), Ron Workman (GWU).

Discussion Leaders: Maria Elena Boglione (INFN, Torino), Peng Guo (JLab), Veronique Ziegler (JLab), ..... (to be confirmed)

The Institute is aimed at those interested in phenomenological research at the precision frontier in hadron physics, with either an experimental or theoretical background. The course will be structured to have three 4 day periods of lectures with a “day off” between. Each lecture day will have three 90 minute sessions followed by an open-ended exercise and discussion session.

Day 1 of lectures is Thursday May 31st,
Days 5 & 10 (ie Monday June 4th and Saturday 9th) no lectures.
Days 1 - 4: Suh-urk Chung, Bastian Kubis, Michael Pennington
Days 6 - 9: Jo Dudek, Harry Lee, Klaus Peters
Days 11 - 14: Brian Meadows, Antimo Palano, Ron Workman

Tours of Colonial Williamsburg and of Jefferson Lab will be arranged. Participants will be accommodated in apartments of the College of William & Mary within easy walking distance of the town center and of the Physics Department, where the sessions will be held. Each two bedroom apartment has a shared bathroom, kitchen and sitting room with individual bedrooms. Participants should indicate any preference with whom they wish to share when registering.

For any inquiries please contact Mary Fox