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2012 Beam Instrumentation Workshop (BIW12)
April 15-19, 2012
Newport News Marriott at City Center
Newport News, VA

Vendors and Sponsors

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Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH
(Dr. Matthias Kirsch)
Harksheider Str. 102A
22399 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 40 60 87 305 0
Fax: +49 40 60 87 305 20
Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH (SIS) is a small business that started operation in 1998. Our offices are located in Hamburg, Germanies 2nd biggest city. SIS core activity is the development, production and marketing of data acquisition board level electronics. Our quality inspection systems for rolling mills and canning can be regarded as a combination of spin off and system integration.

CAEN Technologies, Inc.
(Mark Kibilko)
1140 Bay St., Suite 2C
Staten Island, NY 10305 USA
Phone: 1-718-981-0401
Fax: 1-718-556-9185
CAEN logo
CAEN SpA is a leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic equipment for nuclear and particle physics, such as low voltage and high voltage power supply systems, front-end and data acquisition electronics (standard VME, NIM, CAMAC solutions). CAEN activities are at the forefront of technology, thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the major research centers and universities in the world. CAEN is also proud of its extensive collaboration with the most important HEP experiments world-wide: almost 40% of our production is custom design.

Dimtel, Inc.
(Dmitry Teytelman)
2059 Camden Avenue, Suite 136
San Jose, CA 95124 USA
Phone: 1-650-862-8147
Fax: 1-603-218-6669
dimtel logo
Dimtel Inc. is a leading provider of analog and digital signal processing solutions for particle accelerators. We focus primarily on bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics and low-level RF.

National Instruments
(Lauren Mireles)
11500 N. MoPac Expressway
Austin, TX 78759 USA
Phone: 1-512-683-0100
National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. Using NI open graphical programming software and modular hardware, customers at more than 30,000 companies annually simplify development, increase productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. From testing next-generation gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people.

(Byron Fruit)
101 Zeta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-963-7470 
Fax: 412-963-7459
Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest performance motion control, positioning tables/stages, and positioning systems for our customers in industry, government, science, and research institutions around the world. Aerotech's precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today's demanding applications in markets such as: medical device and life sciences, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronic manufacturing and test, assembly, research and development, and others requiring high precision, high throughput motion solutions.

W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus Group
(Andreas Ruben)
300 East Auburn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45505 USA
Phone: 1-937-324-2420
Fax: 1-937-324-2425
logo for wiener
W-IE-NE-R, Plein & Baus, Ltd. provides a full line of electronics for accelerator, experiment control and read-out. Our product line covers WIENER and partner vendors's (ISEG, HYTEC, and MESYTEC) products for the North American market. WIENER NIM, CAMAC, VME / VME64x, VXS, and VXI crates are modular constructed to allow an easy replacement of parts like fan tray or power supply. They combine superior designed mechanic chassis with high quality, microprocessor controlled, and low-noise power supplies and a high level of integrated diagnostic and monitoring. The newest feature is the Ethernet interface for remote monitoring and control. In a joint venture between WIENER and ISEG we provide the new high density, multi-channel low and high voltage power supply system MPOD. A new family of high performance controller for VME and CAMAC with USB2 interface completes our line of interface modules.

(Don Costa) 
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp
PO Box 678
Mountain Home, NC
828-692-1663 Fax
The Kyocera Group is a diversified network of companies working together to create new value for businesses and consumers. Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, a core company of the Kyocera North American Group, is a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial, automotive and semiconductor processing related advanced ceramic components, cutting tool products, liquid crystal displays, thermal printheads, metallized assemblies and industrial lenses.

(Marcos Ruelas)
1717 Stewart St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Ph: +1 310.822.5845
F: +1 310.582.1212
RadiaBeam Technologies manufactures particle accelerator components, diagnostics and turnkey accelerator systems. We also provide terahertz optics and detectors.
RadiaBeam is actively developing new technologies to complement our existing product line, as well as performing R&D into accelerator systems for commercial applications.

Instrumentation Technologies d. d.
(Rok Ursic)
Velika pot 22
5250 Solkan
Ph: +386 5 335 26 00
F: + 386 5 335 26 01
Instrumentation Technologies is the world leader in high performance beam instrumentation systems for particle accelerators. We market our products and services under the Libera brand, around which we have established a global community based on collaboration and in which we have managed to bring together some of the most prominent experts, engineers and scientists from a number of well-regarded international scientific and research institutions. Among our customers are the most prominent research institutions around the globe: DESY, KEK, Argonne National Laboratory, ESRF, DIAMOND, Shanghai Synchrotron Research Facility and similar.

GMW Associates
(Brian Richter and Julien Bergoz)
955 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070, USA
Ph: (650) 802-8292
F: (650) 802-8298
Beam Diagnostic Instruments for non-destructive measurement of charged particle beam current or charge. DC Transducers with resolution from 0.1uA, AC Transformers with current response to 2GHz and charge response down to femto-second pulse lengths. All Bergoz current and charge Transformers are also available as "In-Flange" assemblies including the ceramic isolation break and electrostatic shielding for direct installation into vacuum beam lines. Four input Beam Position Monitors (BPM) for non-contact X-Y beam centroid position measurement in transfer lines and storage rings. Vibrating Wire Monitors (VWM) for transverse profile measurement.

Times Microwave Systems
Martin Winkler
358 Hall Avenue
Wallingford, CT 06492
Ph: 203-949-8519
F: 203-949-8523

Times Microwave Systems is a leader and pioneer in the development of high reliability coaxial cables and cable assemblies for demanding interconnect applications.

Products cover military-aerospace, shipboard and commercial wireless applications and include high-performance flexible, semi-flexible and rigid coaxial cable assemblies, and flexible 50 Ohm LMR® cables, connectors and assemblies.

The company is committed to serving the needs of its customers and providing highly engineered, cost effective products.

M. Cooley
660 Main Street
PO Box 1159
Sturbridge, MA 01566-1159
Ph: (508) 347-4094 (direct access)
Ph: (508) 347-4000 (switchboard)
F: (508) 347-3849

PHOTONIS is a multi-national company specializing in the detection and amplification very low levels of light, charged particles and radiation. Our products provide very fast timing to offer detectors and sensors for Beam Profile Monitoring Single Photon Detection and Electron Amplification. Products include image intensifiers, hybrid photo diodes, microchannel plates, electron multipliers, power tubes, and electron generator arrays.

Solid Sealing Technology Inc.
Don Walzer
44 Dalliba Avenue
Watervliet, NY 12189
Ph: (518) 874-3600
F: (518) 874-3610

Solid Sealing Technology, Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of hermetic products using glass-ceramic and ceramic to metal sealing. SST is a global provider of custom and industry standard products including: Vacuum Feedthroughs, Coaxial Connectors, Multi-Pin Connectors, and Isolators.

With over 100 years of combined design and industry expertise, SST provides ideal sealing solutions for demanding applications including high temperature, ultra-high vacuum, and high pressure environments. SST is an industry leader, providing quality products and technical capabilities for many industries including: High Energy Physics, Semiconductor Equipment, Thin Film Coatings, Industrial Lasers, Homeland Security and Defense, Medical, Nanotechnology, Power Distribution, and Telecommunications.

Please visit our website at for a complete listing of our standard products including 3-D Models, PDF, and GIF drawing files.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
Bill Accolla - Business Development Engineer - Software and Modular Solutions
Ph: (443) 285-7879
F: (518) 874-3610

Agilent is well known for test and measurement equipment that offers industry leading performance, accuracy and reliability. Those same attributes are built into Agilent Acqiris high-speed digitizers. At BIW tradeshow Agilent will be showing the industry's broadest range of data acquisition technology ranging from 500 MS/s to 8 GS/s, 8-bit to 14-bit and FPGA real time processing. Our technology is intended for use in ground breaking Research, Test and Measurement and OEM's in diverse application areas ranging from large scale multichannel High Energy Physics, science & advance research to medical, aerospace, defense and security.

Jeffrey Kelly
Managing Director
11108 Challenger Ave, #101
Odessa, FL 33556
Ph: (727) 753-0880
F: (727) 753-0886
Friatec's Engineered Oxide Ceramics Division has been in operation for more than 130 working with ceramics. Our engineers work closely with all customers to design and manufacture high quality oxide ceramic products for difficult applications in electrical and electronic engineering, high temperature technologies, mechanical engineering and surface finishing. Friatec offers the highest purity materials and enhances this by providing superior machining, grinding and polishing capabilities. We offer engineering support from prototyping to large scale manufacturing of technical ceramic components. Whether kicker chambers, circular accelerators or particle sources - ceramics and the joy of innovation lead to new horizons. Specially designed alumina components coupled with mature brazing technologies solve problems for researchers and developers.

TDK-Lambda Americas
David George
405 Essex Road
Neptune, NJ 07753
Ph: (732) 922-9300
F: (732) 922-1441
TDK-Lambda - leading producer of high current and high voltage power sources research, automated test systems and other demanding applications.

High Power Programmable DC to 600V : GenesysTM Programmable power supplies set new standards for flexible, reliable power from 750W to 15kW, Outputs from 0-6VDC to 0-600VDC, current to 1,000A. Wid--range inputs for worldwide operation.

High Voltage, High Power Capacitor Charging Solutions: ALE systems - designer and manufacturer of high voltage capacitor charging power supplies. Wide range of outputs (1 - 65kV) & power (500J/sec to 30kJ/sec) from single supplier is unique. ALE Compact Turn-key High Voltage Power Systems, build on over 20 years of successfully designing and delivering multi-kilowatt DC power solutions to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Tom Fortier
14150 SW Karl Braun Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97077
Ph: (800) 833-9200
For more than sixty five years, engineers have turned to Tektronix for test, measurement and monitoring solutions to solve design challenges, improve productivity and dramatically reduce time to market. Tektronix is a leading supplier of test equipment for engineers focused on electronic design, manufacturing, and advanced technology development. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix serves customers worldwide and offers award-winning service and support. Stay on the leading edge at

Pearson Electronics, Inc.
Jeff Reed
4009 Transport Street
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Ph: (650) 494-6444
Fax: (650) 494-6716
Pearson Electronics is the original and leading manufacturer of Precision Wide Band Current Monitors used by the beam instrumentation and particle accelerator communities.  Pearson Current Monitors are designed for use in the beam tube, and large aperture clamp-on Current Monitors are applied outside the beam tube.  Pearson Current Monitors measure sub-milliamp currents and pulse rise times as fast as 1.5 nanoseconds can be viewed accurately.  Other applications include measuring current in pulse power modulators and kicker magnets. A typical model has 1% accuracy, 20 nanosecond rise time and a 1% per millisecond droop rate.  Many clamp-on and fixed aperture models are in stock and available for immediate delivery


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