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Searching for a New Gauge Boson at JLab
September 20-21, 2010
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA


Various dark matter related anomalies have lead to theoretical models proposing that there are new gauge bosons (A') with masses in the MeV to GeV range, which act as force carriers between dark matter particles. Fixed-target experiments with electron beams are a powerful probe of such A's. The goal of the workshop is to review the A' search experiments proposed at Jefferson Lab in order to further inform a decision at the laboratory on which experiments to pursue in detail. The workshop will focus on the technologies of each proposed measurement, and the issues perceived as potentially standing in the way of conclusive results. The workshop will identify R&D/technology development, background measurements and modeling that would be useful in preparing these experiments. The relevance of each of the proposed experiments will be discussed, as well as the degree of overlap and complementarity.

Talks available through EVO

Workshop organizers:
Andrei Afanasev (HU/JLab)
Rouven Essig (SLAC)
Peter Fisher (MIT)
John Jaros (SLAC)
Stepan Stepanian (JLab)
Bogdan Wojtsekhowski (JLab, Chair)


Group Photo: Click to download